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Individual therapY

My goal is to remove the stigma around therapy offices and therapists. Consider me a walking partner on this gnarly trail called life. As a Licensed Professional Therapist and Licensed School Counselor, I want to help people find hope. I have been called a Hope Dealer and I am cool with that. My style is fun, direct and focused on your here and now and your future. As the famous Chinese proverb states, "The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now.". Let's start a dialogue...


This teen therapy group is focused on learning and practicing new skills and strategies for being able to design and navigate this awesome [teen] life. This group is focused on common social, emotional and organizational barriers that stand in your way of living your best [teen] life. Get ready for some fun, creativity, writing and sharing!  


There are chapters of our lives that require us to pivot quickly and courageously. These are the chapters that benefit from having an objective thought and accountability partner. Having spent 25 years in a corporate setting, this partnership can be a career saver. This personal manifesto will give you a glimpse into my own life and coaching style. If you like what I am about, count me in to help! If you are exploring leadership coaching, here is an outline of how I approach this. 


I lead an immersive workshop for teams and groups who are currently trying to maintain relationships, hold down jobs, navigate life transitions, while keeping our souls aloft. The workshop is focused on personal well-being, building trust and giving people a rare venue to be vulnerable. 


Write formal and informal communications that people, like you, want to read -- email communications, PowerPoint communications, newsletters, formal and informal communications to employees, clients, etc. You can also check out the books I have written (100 Rad Virtues, Atlas for Good Living) and my blog site for a taste of my work. 


hand drawn typography​

Make presentations and communications sing with hand drawn digital typography. People are desperately tired of manufactured graphics. Help me understand what you are trying to communicate to who, and I will get drawing to help you tell a better story. You can see typography samples here



I write short and witty biographical stories about people with just a few details; these stories can make for great team building. I also collaborate with the living to write their obituaries before they are needed. My goal is to help people tell the story of their life. 


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