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Human ConnectioN

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The immersive workshop's I lead are for teams and groups who are trying to maintain relationships, hold down jobs, navigate life transitions, and keep their souls aloft. Workshops are focused on personal well-being, building trust and giving people a rare venue to be focused. I get it. After 25 years at a Fortune 100 company, it can feel overwhelming. 

Human connection is critical for human performance. Finding meaning in our lives is not difficult but can be camouflaged by the humdrum of adulting and chaos of our work lives. Maintaining a rich life inside and outside of work can become overwhelming if we are not intentional. Humans need opportunities to pause, reflect, commit and share but venues for things like this are limited. I have discovered how urgent this cause of human connection is. A little bit about these 4-6 hour workshops...

  • In-person, no presentations (you are welcome)

  • Individual life coaching is available for teams wanting 1:1 care 

  • Virtual workshops are possible 

  • Teams, groups of leaders, family or groups of friends could all benefit from this workshop   

  • For-profit price: $5k per event, plus travel 

  • Non-profit price: Let’s talk 

"The conventional image of the infallible leader, unshakeable and resolute, is a model that may have served past generations. However, as we navigate the tumultuous waters of the 21st century, with its unprecedented challenges and rapid changes, it’s worth considering if this image remains effective." -- Forbes article 

Workshop Topics

  • Right here, right now, check in. How are things going in these domains of your life:  Love, Health, Wealth, Work, Fun, Spirituality & Curiosity? 

  • Where are you going? What are your goals? What is unfinished business in your life? What kind of importance and urgency is worth noting? 

  • What is standing in your way? What barriers to contentment and wellness exist? What and who are standing in your way? 

  • What stands in our collective way?  Trials of today — provide some psychoeducation on the epidemics that our country has been hit with -- depression, anxiety, financial fragility, technology/social media hygienecomplexities of kids and care giving, keeping up with that damn Jones Family, the loneliness epidemic, etc. 

  • How can we help each other cope and stay accountable?

  • What must change by when?

  • How can our collective stories help one another? How can we try to walk in one another's shoes to be happier and more productive people who share a common goal? 

  • What are our shared goals and ambitions? Using this same sequence and flow, how can we rally as a team? What goals and ambitions are mission critical and currently at risk or flailing or not materializing as planned? 

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